Be a Champion for the Underdog

Who Should Join ACT?

Any company that engages in negotiations with a landlord in commercial real estate brokerage can and should join an industry association that supports, educates and seeks to establish standards that equal the playing field.

Why Join ACT?

ACT members have access to educational content, are frequently updated on codes, standards and best practices, and can enter into transactions with the peace of mind of knowing they are supported by the unified clout engendered by ACT.

Benefits to Joining ACT

By becoming a member of ACT you will have access to insiders with industry knowledge of every aspect of commercial real estate:

  • No-Conflict Brokerage
  • Program, Project and Construction Management
  • Lease Audit Services
  • Lease Administration Services

Join in a collective power  to level the playing field for all commercial tenants and protect your company's interests in future commercial real estate negotiations.

Time to ACT!

And Sign the Pledge

I support the efforts of the Association for Commercial Tenants (“ACT”) in calling attention to this issue of dual agency in commercial real estate transactions, shining a bright light into the darkness of the status quo full-service brokerage model, advocating for full transparency In commercial real estate transactions and raising the bar for professional conduct in commercial real estate brokerage to the level of disclosure and conduct requirements already in place for lawyers and accountants.

A non-profit organization formed to protect and advocate on behalf of commercial tenants leasing and buying real estate to conduct business.

We will never share your information. ACT members will receive quarterly updates with helpful information regarding ACT.