Know Your Rights as a Commercial Tenant

It's Critical to be Informed

Companies on the tenant side of the landlord-tenant ledger deserve a united voice in the marketplace, and ACT is that voice. For more than 100 years, owners and managers of commercial property have been propped up by organizations such as the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), whose members represent 10.5 billion square feet of property space in the United States. ACT is the unified, organizational representative of a constituency of tenants and buyers who deserve a countermeasure to BOMA.

What Can I Expect?

Members of ACT can depend on a team of professionals to provide the most current, accurate and relevant information on all issues involving the commercial real estate environment. From transaction clarity to legislative action, and industry best practices and standards to lobbying and governance, members will be connected with their peers inside an ecosystem in which tenants and buyers are finally put first, and as equals in the commercial real estate landscape.

What Are My Options?

Your choices when it comes to interaction in commercial real estate all depend on a straightforward proposition: tenants and buyers need to take care to protect their interests first and foremost. ACT was started because tenants and buyers assumed that the traditional broker relationship was in place to serve their needs. Over the years, however, the painful reality has been exposed; brokers working for sellers and landlords do not have buyers and tenant interest at heart, as they claim.

Aligning with ACT provides a counter to this dynamic and pushes back against the monopoly of The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) and the power of the seller/landlord influence.

What Do I Need to Be Aware of?

There is that astute adage of: “Known knowns, Known unknowns and Unknown unknowns." Buyers and tenants need to be cognizant of all three. The ACT team helps tenants and buyers navigate the complexities of the commercial real estate environment by providing education, a voice and a forum for engagement.