Advisory Board

ACT Founders

After 25 years of providing award-winning professional service in commercial real estate and dedication to tenant representation, Jason and Shay Hughes founded the Association for Commercial Tenants as a mission to expose landlords and other organizations that take advantage of commercial tenants and shine a light on the dark corners of commercial real estate. The husband-and-wife team own and operate commercial real estate firm Hughes Marino, a nationally recognized 100-percent family owned business. With offices up and down the West Coast, Hughes Marino has partners that span across the country and the globe.

Jason and Shay Hughes are pioneers in the field of exclusive tenant representation. Representing the “underdogs” is the cornerstone of their own corporate mission, and the founding principle behind the creation of ACT.

Jason Hughes
Shay Hughes
John Jarvis
Executive Director

Our Mission Statement

The Association for Commercial Tenants (ACT) provides educational support, legislative guidance and industry unification for businesses involved in commercial real estate transactions with landlords. ACT stands in opposition to the inherent conflict of interest created by dual-agency brokerage representation and generally seeks to even the playing field for companies on the tenant and buyer side of negotiations.

We can have a profound impact on the landlord community by shining a light into the dark corners of commercial real estate.

- Jason Hughes, ACT Co-Founder