Create a Fair Market for Tenants
and Landlords in Commercial Leasing

Our Mission Statement

The Association for Commercial Tenants (ACT) provides educational support, legislative guidance and industry unification for businesses involved in commercial real estate transactions with landlords. ACT stands in opposition to the inherent conflict of interest created by dual-agency brokerage representation and generally seeks to even the playing field for companies on the tenant and buyer side of negotiations.

We can have a profound impact on the landlord community by shining a light into the dark corners of commercial real estate.

- Jason Hughes, ACT Co-Founder

The Purposes of ACT

A United Voice for the Rights of Tenants

Companies on the tenant side of the landlord-tenant ledger deserve a united voice in the marketplace, and ACT is that voice. For more than 100 years, owners and managers of commercial property have been propped up by organizations such as BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association International), whose members represent 10.5 billion square feet of property space in the United States. ACT is the unified, organizational representative of a constituency of tenants and buyers who deserve a countermeasure to BOMA.

A Counterbalance to BOMA

Commercial real estate tenants need and deserve an organization that is empowered to stand up for their rights. BOMA wields tremendous influence, monitors and lobbies legislative issues and publishes codes and standards on building measurements and other industry issues. Legislation, codification and standards must be set with both landlords and tenants at the table. ACT gives tenants a seat at the table and a voice to demand truth, justice and fairness.

To Provide Strength in Numbers

By becoming a member of ACT, companies are gaining strength in numbers by uniting together with other tenants who negotiate with powerful landlords for commercial real estate space. ACT is a nonprofit association and not a union, per se, but the economic benefits of membership are realized in much the same way any group with a like interest bands together and stands together for a common cause.

To Raise Awareness of Dual Representation

Far too many commercial real estate brokerages represent both landlords and tenants in negotiations. ACT firmly believes that this dual representation benefits landlords and underrepresents tenants. One of ACT’s major functions is to create awareness and propose legislation regarding the conflict of interest inherent within dual-representation agencies.

To Collect Fair Rating of Landlords

ACT is revolutionizing the landlord-tenant relationship by creating a private registry of landlords that includes ratings by member companies. Our members will be able to rate landlords on a scale that will also note if certain entities are blacklisted for unacceptable business practices.